Yates and Others

 Old Saint Pauls Cemetery, Baltimore Co., MD, Baltimore, MD, USA


Latitude: 39.28786, Longitude: -76.62735

39.28786, Longitude: -76.62735

309 Cathedral Street
Baltimore 21201
Maryland USA

The first cemetery of Saint Paul\'s Church in Baltimore was located at Sollers Road & North Point Road. The organized in 1692 and this churchyard is the oldest cemetery that is known to have existed in Baltimore. Those remains were moved ca. 1760 to Saint Paul\'s Burial Ground which surrounded the original church at Charles Street and Jones Falls Bluffs which stood from 1739 to 1817. That building was replaced by another which burned in 1854 and was later replaced by the present building which fills that entire property. The present cemetery located on Redwood Street (once German Street). All remains were moved to this cemetery and when Martin Luther Boulevard was constructed one end of this cemetery was lost and the remains and markers were moved within the remaining walled cemetery that sits surrounded by the University of Maryland Medical campus.