Yates and Others

 Saratoga National Battle Park , Bemis Heights, Saratoga, NY, USA


Latitude: 43.009958, Longitude: -73.638597

Robert Carpenter likely was buried where he died and/or was buried in a mass grave after the battle.

Generals Arnold and Learned (this should have included Robert Carpenter's 8th Massachusetts line) led a joint charge on the Hessian positions, and, even though Arnold fell wounded, Learned and his men carried through and broke the enemy lines. British General John Burgoyne's forces had to retreat to their starting fortifications around Freeman's Farm. When their charge carried the first bunker, Burgoyne's forces withdrew to the positions they had held before the Freeman's Farm battle. This skirmish has been named the assault on the Breymann Redoubt. Breymann is the Hessian officer in charge of the redoubt which is a type of barrier constructed to give cover to soldiers firing their weapons. Breymann himself did not survive this assault.