Yates and Others

 Union/Burnt Church, Lakeland, Lanier, GA, USA

Latitude: 31.024436, Longitude: -83.049328 | Click to get directions to Union/Burnt Church

31.024436, -83.049328

By Ray Davidson: As the lands opened up after the Indian treaties families moved to, what was then know as the Tallokas District of South Georgia. The area had few residents other than the native Indians, gophers and rattlesnakes. Tallokas was an Indian name for tall oaks. One of the first churches constituted in the area was Union Baptist Church. It was formed on October 21, 1825 on the banks of the Alapaha River near the present town of Lakeland, Georgia. Some of the very same members of Union were instrumental in the formation a year later of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church. Of note about the Union Church, it sat on an old Indian trail that went from the Chattahoochee to the Okefenokee. In 1836 as a band of Creek Indians passed on their way to join the Seminoles at Noochee, near present day Fargo, they set fire to the Union Church. The fire did not totally destroy the church and in rebuilding, members used some of the charred beams. Thereafter, Union Primitive Baptist Church was know as the