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 Mount Zion Cemetery, Fairmont, Marion, WV, USA


Latitude: 39.480789, Longitude: -80.135292
Mount Zion Cemetery

Mt. Zion has served the citizens of Fairmont for nearly 150 years. The community cemetery has effectively blended tradition and tranquility offering a serene resting place for hundreds who called Fairmont their home. The landmark for Mt. Zion is a small country church, well-maintained and currently used as a regular place of worship.

Mt. Zion Cemetery and Mausoleum was started in 1840 next to the Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Marion County. Robert and Lucille Martin began a new section of the cemetery in 1971. The Ford Family purchased the new addition in 1990 and have built two more mausoleums.

Among the noted are veterans of every major war since the War of 1812. Ephriam Morgan, the 16th governor of the state of West Virginia, is perhaps the most famous citizen buried at Mt. Zion.