Yates and Others


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Burial Listing A report showing the cemetery, name of deceased, spouse of decesed and the deceased birth & death dates. 
2. Incomplete families Families where husband or wife is missing 
3. Marriage edit report An editing report showing spouse's names, marriage date and place. 
4. Null families There is only one parent link to a family structure and no other significant information in the record or children referring to it. These relics can occur when trying to add a parent or sibling. If you know a person was married but not who to, then add a (possibly uncertain) date or type to the record. 
5. People marked as natural child of more than one family This may indicate that an adopted or similar flag has been omitted, but more often is produced by unresolved issues in the research process. It shows any child who has more than one natural father or mother. 
6. Unconnected  
7. Media overview by media type http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Report:_Media_overview_by_media_type 
8. Media statistics http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Report:_Media_statistics