Yates and Others


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. DNA Ancestors by Matched Person All ID numbers in this report refer to people on this website of Yates and Others. username=family password=D&5%Rfmf6s9 
2. Admin Check report- by Ancestral lines username=family password=D&5%Rfmf6s9 
3. DNA Ancestors by Ancestral lines username=family password=D&5%Rfmf6s9 
4. DNA Ancestors sorted by DNA matches  
5. GRP# 1 sorted by Ancestral line-John Yates & Mary Swift line  Jim Yates, Ron Yates, Tim J. Yates, Andrea Yates Russett, Pat Yates Parker, Glenn Wishard, Tim Brian Yates. 
6. GRP# 2 sorted by Ancestral line John Harry Yates, Andy Girtain, Alma Girtain, Kathryn Girtain, Theresa Girtain 
7. GRP# 3 sorted by Ancestral line Jerri Weeks, Mike Franch, Karen Stetler, Candy Milovich 
8. Unduplicated matches for Andrea Yates Russett  
9. Unduplicated matches for Andy Girtain  
10. Unduplicated matches for Candace Milovich  
11. Unduplicated matches for Alma Girtain  
12. Unduplicated matches for Glen Wishard  
13. Unduplicated matches for Jerri Weeks  
14. Unduplicated matches for Jim Yates  
15. Unduplicated matches for John Harry Yates  
16. Unduplicated matches for Karen Stetler  
17. Unduplicated matches for Kathryn Girtain  
18. Unduplicated matches for Leigh Cagilaba  
19. Unduplicated matches for Mabel Harper  
20. Unduplicated matches for Mike Franch  
21. Unduplicated matches for Pat Yates Parker  
22. Unduplicated matches for RDRobin-Robert David Yates  
23. Unduplicated matches for Ron Yates  
24. Unduplicated matches for Theresa Girtain  
25. Unduplicated matches for Tim Brian Yates  
26. Unduplicated matches for Tim Joseph Yates  
27. Burial Listing A report showing the cemetery, name of deceased, spouse of decesed and the deceased birth & death dates. 
28. death causes with names  
29. Incomplete families Families where husband or wife is missing 
30. Individuals without date of birth/baptism/death/burial  
31. Indivuals ordered by ascending age  
32. Marriage edit report An editing report showing spouse's names, marriage date and place. 
33. People ordered with the age of their parents  
34. Unconnected  
35. 23-P for Don Carpenter DNA relative Don Carpenter 
36. 23-M Maternal DNA tested matches with Ron Yates 
37. 23-P Paternal DNA tested matches with Ron Yates 
38. Oakwood High 1965   
39. MCRA GeorgeWarfield1674 GeorgeWarfield1674 
40. Common Ancestor I John Yates and Elizabeth Kilgore JohnKilgore 
41. Common Ancestor II George Yates, 4th and Anne Guiney GeorgeGuiney1693 
42. Common Ancestor III William Yates and Nancy Ann Gibson  WilliamGibson 
43. Common Ancestor IV. William Yates and Mary Tapp  WilliamTapp 
44. Common Ancestor I47459RichardAshendon1440  I47459RichardAshendon1440 
45. Common Ancestor V. SamuelGould1703 SamuelGould1703 
46. Common Ancestor VI. Joseph Christopher Yates and Huybertje JosephMarcelis