Yates and Others

Wake, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batchelar, Ridie  Abt 1826Wake, North Carolina I18403
2 Batchelor, Milly  12 May 1826Wake, North Carolina I18424
3 Baucom, Willia Lea  14 May 1800Wake, North Carolina I18444
4 Cole, Sarah H.  1796Wake, North Carolina I27572
5 Freeman, Susan Blanche  7 Dec 1877Wake, North Carolina I30519
6 Harwood, Nancy  1783Wake, North Carolina I16669
7 Hilliard, Mahali Francis  9 Sep 1843Wake, North Carolina I18407
8 Hilliard, Martha Armenta  28 Jan 1848Wake, North Carolina I18435
9 Holt, Annie Electa  22 Feb 1883Wake, North Carolina I18419
10 Hudson, Rebecca  4 Jan 1808Wake, North Carolina I16667
11 Johnson, Dora E.  1868Wake, North Carolina I32951
12 Johnson, Robert Basil  28 Dec 1877Wake, North Carolina I32945
13 Lewter, Diana Adalaide  26 May 1877Wake, North Carolina I32349
14 Lewter, Dora  15 Jul 1871Wake, North Carolina I32352
15 Yates, Atlas Burris  6 Jan 1838Wake, North Carolina I18429
16 Yates, Bartley Bennette  28 Oct 1849Wake, North Carolina I18433
17 Yates, Brantley  Abt 1856Wake, North Carolina I18426
18 Yates, Chesley  Abt 1800Wake, North Carolina I27573
19 Yates, Chesley Barney  Abt 1825Wake, North Carolina I27574
20 Yates, Fidelia  Mar 1858Wake, North Carolina I18409
21 Yates, Francis J.  Abt 1858Wake, North Carolina I18425
22 Yates, Harriet C.  Abt 1876Wake, North Carolina I18436
23 Yates, Hettie C.  29 Dec 1875Wake, North Carolina I18439
24 Yates, Hilary Garland  8 Dec 1832Wake, North Carolina I13795
25 Yates, Hilliard  24 Sep 1823Wake, North Carolina I18402
26 Yates, Hinton  21 Jun 1821Wake, North Carolina I18423
27 Yates, James  6 Sep 1806Wake, North Carolina I16666
28 Yates, James Mathew  20 Mar 1882Wake, North Carolina I18438
29 Yates, Jay Van Wilson  4 Feb 1888Wake, North Carolina I18411
30 Yates, John L.  14 Sep 1884Wake, North Carolina I18410
31 Yates, Joseph  Abt 1862Wake, North Carolina I18434
32 Yates, Joseph E.  5 Dec 1874Wake, North Carolina I18412
33 Yates, Julius Hillard  31 Jan 1878Wake, North Carolina I18408
34 Yates, Junius William  31 Jan 1878Wake, North Carolina I18418
35 Yates, Lillian Frances  13 Sep 1878Wake, North Carolina I18437
36 Yates, Margaret  Abt 1849Wake, North Carolina I18421
37 Yates, Matthew Tyson  1760Wake, North Carolina I21126
38 Yates, Matthew Tyson  8 Jan 1819Wake, North Carolina I32953
39 Yates, Milly  Abt 1851Wake, North Carolina I18420
40 Yates, Miranda Hawkins  27 Sep 1871Wake, North Carolina I18416
41 Yates, Nancy Helen  5 Aug 1843Wake, North Carolina I30523
42 Yates, Narcissa A.  10 Sep 1865Wake, North Carolina I18431
43 Yates, Norma Lee  9 Jul 1900Wake, North Carolina I18427
44 Yates, Pharis  30 May 1817Wake, North Carolina I28773
45 Yates, Robert G.  16 Dec 1907Wake, North Carolina I18414
46 Yates, Sarah Mildred  5 Aug 1841Wake, North Carolina I32948
47 Yates, Seaton Cranmer  2 Jun 1878Wake, North Carolina I28762
48 Yates, Stanley  Abt 1869Wake, North Carolina I18417
49 Yates, William  1762Wake, North Carolina I2454
50 Yates, William Madison  27 Feb 1847Wake, North Carolina I18401


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Milly  5 Oct 1907Wake, North Carolina I18424
2 Council, Loietta V.  2 Oct 1965Wake, North Carolina I18415
3 Cox, Albert Warren 147 CM-P  1 Sep 2012Wake, North Carolina I14674
4 Hilliard, Mahali Francis  28 Jun 1925Wake, North Carolina I18407
5 Johnson, Dora E.  5 Mar 1944Wake, North Carolina I32951
6 Johnson, Robert Basil  28 May 1944Wake, North Carolina I32945
7 Lewter, Diana Adalaide  6 Jun 1954Wake, North Carolina I32349
8 Tapp, Mary  1812Wake, North Carolina I11762
9 Yates, Alfonza Carlos Sr.  29 Dec 1881Wake, North Carolina I28774
10 Yates, Annie Ophelia  6 Nov 1925Wake, North Carolina I30524
11 Yates, Dewey Washington  30 Oct 1971Wake, North Carolina I36925
12 Yates, Fidelia  6 Sep 1915Wake, North Carolina I18409
13 Yates, Frances Cornelia  14 Nov 1893Wake, North Carolina I30521
14 Yates, Hettie C.  17 Apr 1911Wake, North Carolina I18439
15 Yates, Hilliard  9 Jun 1884Wake, North Carolina I18402
16 Yates, Hinton  15 Apr 1891Wake, North Carolina I18423
17 Yates, James Mathew  20 Mar 1951Wake, North Carolina I18438
18 Yates, Jay Van Wilson  26 Jan 1949Wake, North Carolina I18411
19 Yates, John L.  13 Dec 1964Wake, North Carolina I18410
20 Yates, Joseph E.  6 Dec 1949Wake, North Carolina I18412
21 Yates, Julius Hillard  12 Jun 1946Wake, North Carolina I18408
22 Yates, Matthew Tyson  16 Oct 1837Wake, North Carolina I21126
23 Yates, Miranda Hawkins  14 Jan 1953Wake, North Carolina I18416
24 Yates, Nancy Helen  17 Mar 1922Wake, North Carolina I30523
25 Yates, Narcissa A.  18 Nov 1940Wake, North Carolina I18431
26 Yates, Norma Lee  17 Jun 1965Wake, North Carolina I18427
27 Yates, Robert G.  7 Mar 1910Wake, North Carolina I18414
28 Yates, Sarah Mildred  6 Aug 1922Wake, North Carolina I32948
29 Yates, William  1808Wake, North Carolina I18167
30 Yates, William  7 Feb 1808Wake, North Carolina I12190
31 Yates, William Madison  4 Dec 1915Wake, North Carolina I18401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Yates, William Madison  1850Wake, North Carolina I18401
2 Yates, William Madison  1860Wake, North Carolina I18401
3 Yates, William Madison  1870Wake, North Carolina I18401
4 Yates, William Madison  1880Wake, North Carolina I18401
5 Yates, William Madison  1900Wake, North Carolina I18401
6 Yates, William Madison  1910Wake, North Carolina I18401


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Freeman / Yates  21 Feb 1869Wake, North Carolina F10086
2 Johnson / Yates  6 Jul 1864Wake, North Carolina F1371
3 Yates / Barker  13 Feb 1861Wake, North Carolina F1205
4 Yates / Baucom  16 Oct 1815Wake, North Carolina F6870
5 Yates / Baucom  26 Jan 1820Wake, North Carolina F5195
6 Yates / Cole  11 Jan 1821Wake, North Carolina F7062
7 Yates / Harrison  27 Dec 1817Wake, North Carolina F6859
8 Yates / Harwood  25 Oct 1799Wake, North Carolina F6385
9 Yates / Hilliard  1875Wake, North Carolina F6867
10 Yates / Horton  11 Oct 1887Wake, North Carolina F11063
11 Yates / Jones  28 Mar 1894Wake, North Carolina F1204
12 Yates / Mann  23 Dec 1890Wake, North Carolina F11888