Yates and Others

St. Mary's, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buckman, Clement I.  12 Sep 1797St. Mary's, Maryland I22299
2 Cambron, Henrietta  1783St. Mary's, Maryland I6379
3 Dunbar, Jane Jeannie  1754St. Mary's, Maryland I22301
4 Stone, Jane Doyne  15 Feb 1783St. Mary's, Maryland I21644
5 Thompson, Mary Ann  17 Feb 1757St. Mary's, Maryland I29992
6 Thompson, Sarah Ann Josephine  1822St. Mary's, Maryland I28605
7 Yates, Alexius  1702St. Mary's, Maryland I12307
8 Yates, Ann  1756St. Mary's, Maryland I12315
9 Yates, Benedict Franklin  20 Nov 1874St. Mary's, Maryland I28594
10 Yates, Edward  1729St. Mary's, Maryland I12309
11 Yates, Eliza Thompson  Oct 1849St. Mary's, Maryland I28607
12 Yates, Eliza Thompson  24 Mar 1877St. Mary's, Maryland I28603
13 Yates, Henry  1758St. Mary's, Maryland I12316
14 Yates, Henry Whitefield  1 Jan 1837St. Mary's, Maryland I21646
15 Yates, John  1698St. Mary's, Maryland I12440
16 Yates, John  1701St. Mary's, Maryland I12306
17 Yates, John Thompson  1775St. Mary's, Maryland I21643
18 Yates, Joseph Vernon  Jan 1881St. Mary's, Maryland I28604
19 Yates, Martin Jr.  1700St. Mary's, Maryland I12304
20 Yates, Martin  1735St. Mary's, Maryland I12311
21 Yates, Mary  1755St. Mary's, Maryland I12314
22 Yates, Sarah Priscilla  28 Nov 1844St. Mary's, Maryland I28597
23 Yates, Thomas  1703St. Mary's, Maryland I12305
24 Yates, Thomas Franklin  12 Dec 1843St. Mary's, Maryland I28596
25 Yates, William Joseph  2 Apr 1810St. Mary's, Maryland I21641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Yates, Jane Bruce  4 Jan 1832St. Mary's, Maryland I11836
2 Yates, John Thompson  1 Jan 1818St. Mary's, Maryland I21643
3 Yates, Martin Sr.  23 Apr 1724St. Mary's, Maryland I12299
4 Yates, Martin Jr.  1776St. Mary's, Maryland I12304
5 Yates, Martin  11 May 1803St. Mary's, Maryland I12311
6 Yates, Sarah Priscilla  10 Feb 1884St. Mary's, Maryland I28597
7 Yates, Thomas  15 Feb 1770St. Mary's, Maryland I12305


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Jarboe / Elliott  10 Nov 1795St. Mary's, Maryland F7971
2 Medley / Yates  21 Feb 1832St. Mary's, Maryland F12340
3 Thompson / Yates  10 Jun 1834St. Mary's, Maryland F1405
4 Yates / Norris  14 Jul 1829St. Mary's, Maryland F7734
5 Yates / Scott  19 Oct 1798St. Mary's, Maryland F5218
6 Yates / Stone  8 Aug 1803St. Mary's, Maryland F7735
7 Yates / Thompson  21 Oct 1779St. Mary's, Maryland F11712
8 Yates / Thompson  21 Jan 1840St. Mary's, Maryland F7738