Yates and Others

Caswell, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bastin, Thomas  6 Feb 1783Caswell, North Carolina I35442
2 Carver, Mary Polly  1815Caswell, North Carolina I35454
3 Durham, Martin Joseph  1771Caswell, North Carolina I5293
4 Gibson, Neomi Omey  14 Sep 1752Caswell, North Carolina I20271
5 Hogg, Reuben  1776Caswell, North Carolina I19003
6 Laswell, Henry  1786Caswell, North Carolina I2541
7 McNeely, James Sr.  1780Caswell, North Carolina I19721
8 Randolph, Bayless  19 May 1812Caswell, North Carolina I14050
9 Strader, Obediah  1815Caswell, North Carolina I35453
10 Yates, Agnes  25 Dec 1795Caswell, North Carolina I33072
11 Yates, Ellender Nellie  2 Jan 1778Caswell, North Carolina I12141
12 Yates, James  20 Mar 1787Caswell, North Carolina I13995
13 Yates, James Henry  1796Caswell, North Carolina I14015
14 Yates, John Charles  19 Feb 1786Caswell, North Carolina I12145
15 Yates, John Ruben  1787Caswell, North Carolina I14742
16 Yates, Mary 'Polly'  1786Caswell, North Carolina I19722
17 Yates, Milly  6 Mar 1787Caswell, North Carolina I14071
18 Yates, Sarah  1783Caswell, North Carolina I12162
19 Yates, Sarah Elizabeth  1785Caswell, North Carolina I11706
20 Yates, Sarah Sallie  1815Caswell, North Carolina I19627
21 Yates, William Thomas  7 Sep 1784Caswell, North Carolina I12128


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hogg, Gideon Sr.  17 Jul 1793Caswell, North Carolina I20272
2 Price, Agnes  1810Caswell, North Carolina I12160
3 Roper, James David  1795Caswell, North Carolina I11759
4 Yates, Sarah Ann  1794Caswell, North Carolina I11760


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Roper / Yates  31 Aug 1781Caswell, North Carolina F12301
2 Yates / Durham  20 May 1822Caswell, North Carolina F2924
3 Yates / Durham  7 Aug 1848Caswell, North Carolina F11469
4 Yates / Kilgore  21 Jul 1784Caswell, North Carolina F4947
5 Yates / Price  17 Oct 1777Caswell, North Carolina F5164
6 Yates / Ragsdale  22 Dec 1776Caswell, North Carolina F4987
7 Yates / Roper  8 Mar 1779Caswell, North Carolina F4974