Yates and Others

Anne Arundel, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ford, Thomas  28 Feb 1692Anne Arundel, Maryland I31277
2 Gresham, John B.  29 Dec 1703Anne Arundel, Maryland I4548
3 Laswell, Jacob  Abt 1701Anne Arundel, Maryland I397
4 Plummer, Thomas  1668Anne Arundel, Maryland I23833
5 Price, Leah  1690Anne Arundel, Maryland I31278
6 Sewell, Henry 3  Abt 1675Anne Arundel, Maryland I33336
7 Sewell, Joshua  1755Anne Arundel, Maryland I33341
8 Sewell, Samuel Sr.  1715Anne Arundel, Maryland I33333
9 Sewell, Samuel Jr.  15 Jan 1750Anne Arundel, Maryland I33332
10 Sewell, William  1754Anne Arundel, Maryland I33340
11 Stockett, Frances  1667Anne Arundel, Maryland I9917
12 Stockett, Mary Wells  1704Anne Arundel, Maryland I12354
13 Tucker, Elizabeth  1670Anne Arundel, Maryland I11767
14 Tucker, Elizabeth Betty  1742Anne Arundel, Maryland I21451
15 Warfield, Rachael  1681Anne Arundel, Maryland I9913
16 Warner, James  1663Anne Arundel, Maryland I15139
17 Warner, Mary  1637Anne Arundel, Maryland I15135
18 Yates, Anne  1677Anne Arundel, Maryland I18163
19 Yates, George 2nd  Abt 1674Anne Arundel, Maryland I9912
20 Yates, John  1657Anne Arundel, Maryland I11771
21 Zacharias, Sally  18 Mar 1784Anne Arundel, Maryland I11026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beecraft, Rebecca  29 Oct 1731Anne Arundel, Maryland I399
2 Iiams, William  17 May 1738Anne Arundel, Maryland I45044
3 Laswell, William  21 Feb 1726Anne Arundel, Maryland I9401
4 Sewell, Henry 3  Abt 1726Anne Arundel, Maryland I33336
5 Stockett, Capt. Thomas Esq.  23 Apr 1671Anne Arundel, Maryland I9916
6 Warner, James  13 Feb 1672Anne Arundel, Maryland I15139
7 Warner, James  13 Feb 1673Anne Arundel, Maryland I15167
8 Warner, Sarah  Jun 1712Anne Arundel, Maryland I15208
9 Wells, Mary  21 Jan 1698Anne Arundel, Maryland I9915
10 Yates, George 1st  6 Jun 1691Anne Arundel, Maryland I9914
11 Yates, John  1722Anne Arundel, Maryland I11771
12 Yates, Joshua  5 May 1751Anne Arundel, Maryland I18174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Yates, George 1st  4 Nov 1665Anne Arundel, Maryland I9914


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Iiams / Plummer  27 Aug 1696Anne Arundel, Maryland F15500
2 Stockett / Wells  Abt 1665Anne Arundel, Maryland F4327
3 Yates / Wells  1672Anne Arundel, Maryland F4324