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Albany, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bradt, Jannetie  20 Feb 1734Albany, New York I24180
2 Bradt, Jannetje Andriese  28 Aug 1743Albany, New York I11549
3 De Ridder, Anna  Aug 1726Albany, New York I11489
4 Dunbar, Maria Janse  26 Sep 1716Albany, New York I11991
5 Flensburgh, Daniel  Abt 1690Albany, New York I24195
6 Fonda, Annatje  18 Oct 1752Albany, New York I25429
7 Fonda, Douw Jellis  22 Aug 1700Albany, New York I24593
8 Fonda, Jellis Adam  16 Mar 1670Albany, New York I24590
9 Fonda, Tanneke  9 Mar 1697Albany, New York I24592
10 Gerritsen, Anna Janse  Mar 1713Albany, New York I22975
11 Glen, Helena  21 Nov 1683Albany, New York I25614
12 Hilton, Sara  Apr 1693Albany, New York I24199
13 Lansing, Abraham Gerrit  11 Dec 1756Albany, New York I24277
14 Lansing, Abraham Yates  8 Sep 1808Albany, New York I25602
15 Lansing, Annatje  25 Feb 1786Albany, New York I34445
16 Lansing, Burt Yates  11 May 1884Albany, New York I34483
17 Lansing, Catharine  14 Feb 1742Albany, New York I11561
18 Lansing, Christopher Yates  5 May 1796Albany, New York I25601
19 Lansing, Cornelius De Ridder  7 Oct 1785Albany, New York I25605
20 Lansing, Colonel Gerrit G.  11 Dec 1760Albany, New York I25610
21 Lansing, Gerrit Jacob  4 Mar 1711Albany, New York I25599
22 Lansing, Gerrit Yates  4 Aug 1783Albany, New York I24282
23 Lansing, Jacob Gerritse  6 Jun 1681Albany, New York I25613
24 Lansing, Jeremiah  27 Jul 1789Albany, New York I34447
25 Lansing, John Ten Eyck Jr.  30 Jan 1754Albany, New York I25598
26 Lansing, Lee Chamberlain  23 Jul 1877Albany, New York I34462
27 Lansing, Lena  19 Oct 1793Albany, New York I34449
28 Lansing, Rachel  16 Nov 1791Albany, New York I34448
29 Lansing, Sanders G.  17 Jun 1766Albany, New York I25611
30 Lansing, Saunders  15 Apr 1792Albany, New York I25607
31 Lansing, Yzac  26 Mar 1781Albany, New York I34446
32 Livingston, Engeltie  17 Jul 1698Albany, New York I34396
33 Miller, Eliz Jane  1811Albany, New York I30561
34 Oliver, Elizabeth CM-M  6 Aug 1845Albany, New York I42130
35 Radcliff, Johannes Jr.  Aug 1694Albany, New York I24178
36 Schuyler, Angelica  20 Feb 1756Albany, New York I34386
37 Schuyler, Philip  22 Nov 1733Albany, New York I34392
38 Staats, Captain William  1736Albany, New York I24184
39 Truex, Henry  Oct 1761Albany, New York I24187
40 Van Alstyne, Sarah  4 Jun 1727Albany, New York I12069
41 Van Antwerp, Isaac Verplanck  8 Jun 1807Albany, New York I24644
42 Van Rensselaer, Catherine  1734Albany, New York I34393
43 Van Zandt, Gysbert  Mar 1734Albany, New York I24200
44 Van Zandt, Johannes  Abt 1690Albany, New York I24198
45 Van Zandt, Rachel  9 Aug 1765Albany, New York I24192
46 Van Zandt, Sara  Feb 1724Albany, New York I24197
47 Waldron, Rebecca  30 Aug 1719Albany, New York I11583
48 Waters, Jannetje  12 Apr 1723Albany, New York I25600
49 Winne, Catelyntje  Oct 1688Albany, New York I11731
50 Winne, Hester Rachel  1677Albany, New York I24591

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bradt, Jannetje Andriese  28 Aug 1743Albany, New York I11549
2 Lansing, Annatje  9 Apr 1786Albany, New York I34445
3 Lansing, Jeremiah  30 Sep 1789Albany, New York I34447
4 Lansing, Lena  22 Dec 1793Albany, New York I34449
5 Lansing, Rachel  26 Dec 1791Albany, New York I34448
6 Lansing, Yzac  29 Apr 1781Albany, New York I34446
7 Yates, Adam  13 May 1764Albany, New York I11830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradt, Jannetie  23 Nov 1804Albany, New York I24180
2 Bradt, Jannetje Andriese  17 Mar 1823Albany, New York I11549
3 Cunningham, Eliza Ross  29 Apr 1847Albany, New York I22993
4 De Lancey, Anna Elizabeth  4 Jan 1864Albany, New York I11551
5 De Ridder, Anna  Feb 1795Albany, New York I11489
6 Dunbar, Maria Janse  Albany, New York I11991
7 Flensburgh, Daniel  Aug 1725Albany, New York I24195
8 Fonda, Douwe Jellis  24 Nov 1700Albany, New York I24589
9 Fonda, Jellis Douwese  1662Albany, New York I24587
10 Gerritsen, Anna Janse  1751Albany, New York I22975
11 Hart, Emma  15 Apr 1870Albany, New York I24190
12 Hilton, Sara  Sep 1743Albany, New York I24199
13 Lansing, Abraham Gerrit  5 Sep 1834Albany, New York I24277
14 Lansing, Abraham Yates  24 Nov 1857Albany, New York I25602
15 Lansing, Christopher Yates  29 Aug 1872Albany, New York I25601
16 Lansing, Gerrit Yates  3 Jan 1862Albany, New York I24282
17 Lansing, Jacob Gerritse  6 Dec 1767Albany, New York I25613
18 Livingston, Engeltie  23 Feb 1747Albany, New York I34396
19 Metcalf, Ann  Jun 1846Albany, New York I24188
20 Mynderse, Catherine  28 Sep 1841Albany, New York I11554
21 Parker, Robert Carlton  Oct 1985Albany, New York I23161
22 Radcliff, Johannes Jr.  1757Albany, New York I24178
23 Schmerhorn, Gertrude  28 Sep 1870Albany, New York I11556
24 Schuyler, Philip  18 Nov 1804Albany, New York I34392
25 Staats, Captain William  1825Albany, New York I24184
26 Truex, Henry  Dec 1834Albany, New York I24187
27 Van Ness, Jane  Jun 1818Albany, New York I12108
28 Van Rensselaer, Catherine  1803Albany, New York I34393
29 Van Zandt, Gysbert  Mar 1824Albany, New York I24200
30 Van Zandt, Johannes  Abt 1760Albany, New York I24198
31 Van Zandt, Rachel  5 Apr 1846Albany, New York I24192
32 Vanarentsvelt, Hester Douwse Jans  2 Feb 1690Albany, New York I24588
33 Waldron, Rebecca  1776Albany, New York I11583
34 Waters, Jannetje  Abt 1810Albany, New York I25600
35 Winne, Catelyntje  Abt 1760Albany, New York I11731
36 Winne, Rebecca  Abt 1820Albany, New York I24201
37 Yates, Abraham Joseph  10 Feb 1805Albany, New York I24179
38 Yates, Adam Christoffel  Aft 1775Albany, New York I20764
39 Yates, Albert I.  30 Jan 1886Albany, New York I24230
40 Yates, Anna  Nov 1845Albany, New York I24185
41 Yates, Annatje  3 Jun 1829Albany, New York I24126
42 Yates, Atwill  3 Apr 1892Albany, New York I24231
43 Yates, Catelyntje  26 Feb 1754Albany, New York I24135
44 Yates, Celia  Jan 1741Albany, New York I24136
45 Yates, Charity  28 Mar 1762Albany, New York I24134
46 Yates, Christoffel  26 Feb 1754Albany, New York I11730
47 Yates, Col. Christopher  1 Sep 1785Albany, New York I11548
48 Yates, Elisabeth Bradt  23 Jan 1824Albany, New York I11559
49 Yates, Hendrick  Abt 1811Albany, New York I24191
50 Yates, Henry Christopher Sr.  20 Mar 1854Albany, New York I11553

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Akin, Annie Doughty  Albany, New York I24289
2 Akin, Oliver  Albany, New York I24297
3 Bradt, Jannetie  Albany, New York I24180
4 Lansing, Gerrit Yates  Albany, New York I24282
5 Lansing, Gerritt Yates  Albany, New York I24273
6 Lansing, John Ten Eyck Jr.  Albany, New York I25598
7 Mynderse, Johannes  Albany, New York I24281
8 Ten Eyck, Helen  Albany, New York I24283
9 Van Ness, Jane  Albany, New York I12108
10 Van Zandt, Rachel  Albany, New York I24192
11 Yates, Abraham Jr.  Albany, New York I11488
12 Yates, Catharina  Albany, New York I24226
13 Yates, Charles  Albany, New York I24300
14 Yates, Christopher Abraham  Albany, New York I22973
15 Yates, Daniel  Albany, New York I24284
16 Yates, Jacob Leornard  Albany, New York I24234
17 Yates, Chief Justice Robert  Albany, New York I12107


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Yates, Gateway Immigrant Joseph Christopher Jr.  1713Albany, New York I21284


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hart  17 Sep 1838Albany, New York F8345
2 Church / Schuyler  21 Jun 1777Albany, New York F11079
3 Fairlie / Yates  Aug 1786Albany, New York F5136
4 Flensburgh / Yates  1717Albany, New York F8354
5 Fonda / Winne  11 Dec 1695Albany, New York F4964
6 Lansing / Abrams  8 May 1875Albany, New York F11098
7 Lansing / Burt  4 Oct 1876Albany, New York F11100
8 Lansing / Glen  Abt 1710Albany, New York F8754
9 Lansing / Ray  4 Aug 1781Albany, New York F8753
10 Lansing / Ten Eyck  9 Dec 1789Albany, New York F8757
11 Lansing / Ten Eyck  7 Apr 1808Albany, New York F8379
12 Lansing / Yates  9 Apr 1779Albany, New York F8376
13 Radcliff / Yates  Mar 1717Albany, New York F8330
14 Staats / Yates  May 1771Albany, New York F8329
15 Truex / Yates  1789Albany, New York F8349
16 Van Zandt / Winne  Oct 1759Albany, New York F8353
17 Yates / Cunningham  7 Jun 1806Albany, New York F5139
18 Yates / Fonda  17 Jan 1729Albany, New York F4871
19 Yates / Gerritsen  2 Jun 1733Albany, New York F5015
20 Yates / Lansing  17 Jul 1761Albany, New York F4877
21 Yates / Marcelis  1683Albany, New York F4966
22 Yates / Metcalf  Nov 1800Albany, New York F8350
23 Yates / Muller  Nov 1802Albany, New York F8344
24 Yates / Van Alstyne  1749Albany, New York F4865
25 Yates / Van Zandt  Jun 1751Albany, New York F8355
26 Yates / Van Zandt  Jan 1786Albany, New York F8352
27 Yates / Waldron  28 Nov 1737Albany, New York F4878
28 Yates / Waters  10 Jul 1766Albany, New York F8056
29 Yates / Winne  12 Jul 1706Albany, New York F4482