Yates and Others

Wilkes, North Carolina


County/Shire : Latitude: 36.202858, Longitude: -81.2518833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Church, Enoch Clinton  11 Nov 1872Wilkes, North Carolina I28104
2 Cleveland, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1783Wilkes, North Carolina I11772
3 Laswell, John Henry  1782Wilkes, North Carolina I9429
4 Laswell, Lucy  Abt 1785Wilkes, North Carolina I9474
5 Mullins, Louisa Ann  1802Wilkes, North Carolina I16172
6 Mullins, Rebecca Becky  1802Wilkes, North Carolina I16190
7 Owen, Wilmouth  8 Dec 1784Wilkes, North Carolina I9470
8 Owens, Alfred  20 Sep 1803Wilkes, North Carolina I16189
9 Owens, Allen  24 Dec 1793Wilkes, North Carolina I16167
10 Owens, Burton  1 Dec 1798Wilkes, North Carolina I16169
11 Owens, Elisha  9 Jan 1782Wilkes, North Carolina I9475
12 Reece, Daniel  1792Wilkes, North Carolina I16799
13 Reece, Ellen  1792Wilkes, North Carolina I13480
14 Reece, Jacob  1772Wilkes, North Carolina I12361
15 Reece, Jacob  1 Nov 1802Wilkes, North Carolina I13484
16 Reece, Joel  1793Wilkes, North Carolina I13481
17 Reece, Johann Valentine Felty  1750Wilkes, North Carolina I6506
18 Reece, Leodocia Dicy  1 Jan 1795Wilkes, North Carolina I13482
19 Reece, Rebecca  3 Aug 1798Wilkes, North Carolina I13483
20 Stewart, Martha Ann  1775Wilkes, North Carolina I18754
21 Wisdom, Mary  1781Wilkes, North Carolina I20276
22 Yates, Adelaide  11 Oct 1823Wilkes, North Carolina I12253
23 Yates, Bernard Franklin  15 Jan 1809Wilkes, North Carolina I18806
24 Yates, Clarrisy Isabella  27 Jun 1849Wilkes, North Carolina I11766
25 Yates, David  1795Wilkes, North Carolina I11756
26 Yates, David Alexander  18 Apr 1847Wilkes, North Carolina I18769
27 Yates, David Columbus  27 Jan 1888Wilkes, North Carolina I12274
28 Yates, Eady  Abt 1785Wilkes, North Carolina I18860
29 Yates, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1787Wilkes, North Carolina I18858
30 Yates, Elizabeth  1795Wilkes, North Carolina I11755
31 Yates, Hugh Dobin  5 Feb 1786Wilkes, North Carolina I11753
32 Yates, James  1842Wilkes, North Carolina I18775
33 Yates, James Alford  15 Oct 1834Wilkes, North Carolina I33778
34 Yates, James Alfred  15 Oct 1835Wilkes, North Carolina I18768
35 Yates, Jemima  17 Dec 1809Wilkes, North Carolina I18777
36 Yates, Jemima  17 Dec 1809Wilkes, North Carolina I11758
37 Yates, John Jr.  1780Wilkes, North Carolina I11752
38 Yates, Joshua Hardy  1775Wilkes, North Carolina I18753
39 Yates, Laura Ann Minerva  16 Oct 1849Wilkes, North Carolina I12273
40 Yates, Levi  1799Wilkes, North Carolina I28564
41 Yates, Louisa Ann  1792Wilkes, North Carolina I11754
42 Yates, Major Presley  1806Wilkes, North Carolina I18800
43 Yates, Margaret  Abt 1774Wilkes, North Carolina I18859
44 Yates, Milo Rebecca  17 Oct 1869Wilkes, North Carolina I28105
45 Yates, Robert Calvin  1845Wilkes, North Carolina I18776
46 Yates, Tillman  1801Wilkes, North Carolina I11757
47 Yates, William  Aug 1775Wilkes, North Carolina I28294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cleveland, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1850Wilkes, North Carolina I11772
2 McGlamery, George  10 Nov 1882Wilkes, North Carolina I35217
3 Roper, Jemima  2 May 1853Wilkes, North Carolina I11749
4 Yates, Clarrisy Isabella  3 Jun 1942Wilkes, North Carolina I11766
5 Yates, David  Nov 1851Wilkes, North Carolina I11756
6 Yates, David Columbus  31 Mar 1922Wilkes, North Carolina I12274
7 Yates, John Sr.  16 Dec 1835Wilkes, North Carolina I11748
8 Yates, John Jr.  6 Feb 1875Wilkes, North Carolina I11752
9 Yates, Laura Ann Minerva  24 Apr 1928Wilkes, North Carolina I12273
10 Yates, Sarah  27 Mar 1877Wilkes, North Carolina I35216
11 Yates, Tillman  22 Feb 1856Wilkes, North Carolina I11757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Owen, David  1803Wilkes, North Carolina I9476


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradly / Payne  14 Feb 1834Wilkes, North Carolina F9997
2 Bunker / Yates  13 Apr 1843Wilkes, North Carolina F5202
3 Owen / Mullins  16 Dec 1780Wilkes, North Carolina F4211
4 Owens / Laswell  1802Wilkes, North Carolina F4213
5 Yates / Church  5 Jan 1847Wilkes, North Carolina F4996
6 Yates / Cleveland  13 May 1803Wilkes, North Carolina F4977
7 Yates / Hayes  22 Oct 1814Wilkes, North Carolina F4980
8 Yates / Wilcoxson  8 Nov 1809Wilkes, North Carolina F4979