Yates and Others

Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Mildred  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I15634
2 Ashby, James A.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I293
3 Ashby, Medora L.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I8717
4 Bishop, Francis Marion  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6560
5 Bishop, John A.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6665
6 Bishop, Lucinda Ann  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6436
7 Bishop, Mary Waters  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6435
8 Bishop, Roberta Joyce  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I7908
9 Bishop, Violet  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6664
10 Bishop, Willet Wilbur Jr.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6667
11 Black, Louisa Taylor  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6650
12 Blakeney, America Emma  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6502
13 Blakeney, Bertha Olive  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I172
14 Blakeney, Brooks V. "Brooksie"  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6686
15 Blakeney, Charles W.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6663
16 Blakeney, Dewey  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6499
17 Blakeney, Doc Hawes  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I232
18 Blakeney, Floyd H.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I3910
19 Blakeney, Harvey  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I63
20 Blakeney, Hugh Washington  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I231
21 Blakeney, Mable Nile  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6683
22 Blakeney, Myra McKinley  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I229
23 Blakeney, Nancy  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6588
24 Blakeney, Parylee  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6684
25 Blakeney, Richard S. Sr.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6669
26 Blakeney, Sarah Jane  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I292
27 Blakeney, Sarah K.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6585
28 Blakeney, Shirley  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6500
29 Blakeney, Thomas Westbury  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6586
30 Blakeney, Val  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6498
31 Blakeney, Verlinda E.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I297
32 Blakeney, Walter Richard  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6671
33 Blakeney, Wilbur  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I228
34 Blakeney, William H.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6509
35 Bouchez, Germaine  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I13321
36 Brooks, Alma Pearl  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6681
37 Brooks, Benjamin Franklin  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I8748
38 Brooks, Dormuse Dale  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6654
39 Brooks, Isabella Ann  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I13327
40 Brooks, James Franklin  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I230
41 Brooks, John R.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6649
42 Brooks, Matlida Jane  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6682
43 Brooks, Oliver  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I8714
44 Brooks, Osa J.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I6679
45 Brooks, Robert Lucien  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I13326
46 Brooks, Roscoe  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I8698
47 Brooks, Rosella Gamble  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I13328
48 Brooks, Susie M.  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I3820
49 Bryant, Alma Bernice  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I263
50 Bryant, Charles  Sandusky Cemetery, Illinois I17074

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