Yates and Others

Pittsylvania, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abston, Christopher Crispin  20 Nov 1821Pittsylvania, Virginia I26859
2 Abston, Francis Isaac  1780Pittsylvania, Virginia I26868
3 Blevins, William  Abt 1745Pittsylvania, Virginia I4540
4 Bruce, Mary Polly  4 Nov 1795Pittsylvania, Virginia I26870
5 Dooley, James Sanford  31 Jul 1861Pittsylvania, Virginia I28660
6 Hardy, Ada Florence  30 Sep 1869Pittsylvania, Virginia I10215
7 Nichols, Mary Ann  13 Feb 1840Pittsylvania, Virginia I29592
8 Shelton, William 2  1762Pittsylvania, Virginia I12475
9 Taylor, Nancy  8 Jul 1793Pittsylvania, Virginia I10196
10 Yates, Alsey Evie  1789Pittsylvania, Virginia I12125
11 Yates, Charles  1786Pittsylvania, Virginia I12124
12 Yates, Elijah  Abt 1741Pittsylvania, Virginia I20275
13 Yates, Elizabeth  1772Pittsylvania, Virginia I12118
14 Yates, George Washington  7 Nov 1838Pittsylvania, Virginia I18992
15 Yates, Hannah Eveline  1743Pittsylvania, Virginia I11768
16 Yates, James R.  1816Pittsylvania, Virginia I12951
17 Yates, James Tarpley  1778Pittsylvania, Virginia I12121
18 Yates, John Sr.  Mar 1753Pittsylvania, Virginia I11748
19 Yates, John V.  1790Pittsylvania, Virginia I12126
20 Yates, John Yeardley  1 Jan 1807Pittsylvania, Virginia I18990
21 Yates, Joseph  1782Pittsylvania, Virginia I12122
22 Yates, Martha  11 Jan 1834Pittsylvania, Virginia I10265
23 Yates, Mary  1770Pittsylvania, Virginia I11770
24 Yates, Matthew Polk Sr.  Abt 1812Pittsylvania, Virginia I18447
25 Yates, Samuel  22 Jan 1776Pittsylvania, Virginia I12120
26 Yates, Sarah Sally  1783Pittsylvania, Virginia I12123
27 Yates, Stephen Sr.  1750Pittsylvania, Virginia I12116
28 Yates, Stephen Jr.  1774Pittsylvania, Virginia I12119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abston, Joshua  15 Apr 1793Pittsylvania, Virginia I27732
2 Clement, Rachel  Abt 1780Pittsylvania, Virginia I27733
3 Hardy, Ada Florence  20 Feb 1958Pittsylvania, Virginia I10215
4 Kilgore, Elizabeth  3 Feb 1793Pittsylvania, Virginia I11751
5 Shelton, William 1  Feb 1794Pittsylvania, Virginia I14566
6 Taylor, Nancy  1878Pittsylvania, Virginia I10196
7 Yates, Alsey Evie  1865Pittsylvania, Virginia I12125
8 Yates, Charles  1817Pittsylvania, Virginia I12124
9 Yates, John  23 Apr 1778Pittsylvania, Virginia I11750
10 Yates, John Of Dan River  1795Pittsylvania, Virginia I13860
11 Yates, John V.  19 Feb 1866Pittsylvania, Virginia I12126
12 Yates, Joseph  1833Pittsylvania, Virginia I12122
13 Yates, Littleton Waller Tazewell  6 Nov 1916Pittsylvania, Virginia I26815
14 Yates, Martha  Aug 1913Pittsylvania, Virginia I10265
15 Yates, Samuel  22 May 1836Pittsylvania, Virginia I12120
16 Yates, Sarah Sally  7 Jun 1860Pittsylvania, Virginia I12123
17 Yates, Stephen Sr.  1836Pittsylvania, Virginia I12116


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abston / Farmer  15 Feb 1790Pittsylvania, Virginia F9056
2 Shelton / Yates  1760Pittsylvania, Virginia F4985
3 Yates / Christian  4 Dec 1867Pittsylvania, Virginia F9044