Yates and Others

Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver

Female 1792 - 1864  (71 years)

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Laura Alice Savage

Female Abt 1858-1904

Mary J. Spicer

Female 1856-1856

Willetta Spicer

Female 1863-1918

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Philip Spicer

Male Abt 1837-Abt 1864

John R. Spicer

Male 1839-1841

Alvin J Carson

Male 1855-1927

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Ota Cole

Female 1873-1949

Bessie Cole

Female 1882-1910

Charles M Cole

Male 1834-1908

Philemon Spicer

Male 1842-1879

America Spicer

Female Abt 1875-

Lucy May Spicer

Female 1877-1907

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Mary E. Hensley

Female 1852-1929

Merit Spicer

Male 1844-1846

Lucy Spicer

Female Abt 1847-

Malissa Savage

Female 1854-1875

Grace F. Spicer

Female 1878-1965

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William Spicer

Male 1905-1973

Martha Blakeney

Female 1810-1850

Joseph Spicer

Male 1812-1865

John R. Blakeney

Male Abt 1839-Bef 1850

Martha J. Tabor

Female 1851-1916

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Rachel Blakeney

Female 1844-1919

Isaac Blakeney

Male 1869-1958

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Mary Ellen Erp

Female 1881-1962

Nellie Blakeney

Female 1873-1917

Thomas Lyda

Male 1867-1938

Martha Tabor

Female Abt 1845-

Ina Jay Stevens

Female 1873-1894

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Nancy Blakeney

Female 1846-1917

Nancy J Royse

Female 1875-1956

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Grace F. Spicer

Female 1878-1965

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Stella Brooks

Female 1877-1910

Ophelia Brooks

Male 1886-1962

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Nora Brooks

Female 1881-1956

Oliver Brooks

Male 1882-1910

Harvey Brooks

Male 1884-1964

Oscar E. Brooks

Male 1892-1984

Mabel M. Brooks

Female Abt 1894-

Susie M. Brooks

Female 1899-1901

Theodore Brooks

Male 1847-1913

Levi P. Blakney

Male 1866-1926

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Alvin Blakeney

Male 1814-Abt 1855

Elizabeth Adams

Female 1816-1857

Nancy C. White

Female 1839-1895

Robert Swank

Male 1839-1880

Oliver Blakeney

Male 1880-1957

Leona Barnet

Female Abt 1880-

Leslie Blakeney

Male Abt 1878-

Cleada Blakeney

Female 1888-1965

Earl McWorter

Male 1887-1922

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Ida B. Edmonds

Female 1861-1928

Nellie Blakeney

Female 1878-1901

Charlotte Bennett

Female Abt 1849-1897

Flora D Allen

Female 1891-1968

Goldie M. Lacey

Female 1886-1967

Fred W. Neild

Male Abt 1891-

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Frank Morefoot

Male 1868-1935

Ray Lacey

Male 1890-1891

Henry F Martin

Male 1845-1908

Robert Lamar

Male Abt 1850-

Cletus Blakeney

Male 1881-1881

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Clarence Dan Schriner

Male Abt 1895-1950

Claud Banta

Male 1890-1957

Thomas Blakeney

Male 1854-1862

Lura Blakeney

Female 1864-1865

Angeline Bowen

Female 1825-1911

Nancy Blakeney

Female Abt 1824-Bef 1843

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Milton Ashby

Male 1846-1912

Columbus Ashby

Male 1849-1851

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Eliza Ann Ashby

Female 1852-1917

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Albert Doop

Male 1881-1929

Allie Sutton

Female 1880-1947

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Fred M. Doop

Male 1885-1975

Charlotte Cook

Female 1883-1933

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Margaret Horton

Female 1890-Abt 1962

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Paula J Ashby

Female 1858-1887

Bertie Smith

Female Abt 1895-

Harvey Smith

Male Abt 1896-

Arthur Smith

Male Abt 1897-

George Smith

Male Abt 1898-

Henry D. Smith

Male Abt 1863-

Medora L. Ashby

Female 1867-1894

James A. Ashby

Male 1817-1889

Lucinda C. Demaree

Female Abt 1859-1878

Samuel Demaree

Male Abt 1818-

Samuel Bowen

Male 1864-1923

John S. Bowen

Male 1828-1914

Wilbur Blakeney

Male 1884-1920

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James Mark Rice

Male 1883-1957

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Harvey Blakeney

Male 1865-1939

Val Blakeney

Male 1896-1978

Violet Bishop

Female 1913-1998

Dewey Blakeney

Male 1897-1979

Ethel Stevens

Female 1907-1987

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Mabel G Bunch

Female 1909-1999

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Homer M King

Male 1902-1976


Mary Ella Brown

Female 1866-1955

Annie Howard

Female Abt 1870-

Mary E. Nevils

Female Abt 1910-

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Hugh Blakeney

Male Abt 1907-

Mary Blakeney

Female Abt 1908-


Male Abt 1908-

Edith Anderson

Female 1877-1954

Mary Clifton

Female 1839-1883

Warren Hensley

Male 1878-1957

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Serena E. Brown

Female 1887-1981

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Melvin Hensley

Male 1880-1882

Herman Hensley

Male 1883-1945

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Noma Hawkins

Female Abt 1883-

Newton Hensley

Male 1886-1887

Everett Hensley

Male 1890-1937

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Ina Hensley

Female 1897-1981

Nick Munzuris

Male 1887-1916

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Isaac N. Adams

Male 1862-1882

Isaac N. Adams

Male 1836-1864

Bertha Brooks

Female 1885-1976

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Sarah Bishop

Female 1866-1955

Hattie Roberts

Female 1895-1943

Russell Roberts

Male 1904-1904

John H. Roberts

Male 1862-1944

Mamie Stevens

Female 1892-1979

Bertie Stevens

Female 1894-1982

Leander Stevens

Male 1865-1952

Ethel Roberts

Female 1894-1976

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David Roberts

Male 1873-1933

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Violet Bishop

Female 1913-1998

Val Blakeney

Male 1896-1978

John A. Bishop

Male 1923-1995

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Minnie Lousia Barbary

Female Abt 1881-1907

Samantha Bishop

Female 1882-1928

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Sarah Oliver

Female 1792-1864